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Ozone Therapy: Unveiling Its Efficacy and Scientifically Proven Benefits

Ozone therapy involves the administration of ozone gas (O3) into the body or through absorption via the skin to treat a variety of medical conditions. Ozone is believed to exert its effects through mechanisms such as oxidative stress modulation, immune system enhancement, and antimicrobial activity. This multifaceted approach to treatment makes ozone therapy an intriguing […]

Integrating Digital Wellness in Your Health Regimen

In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, our lives are more intertwined with technology than ever before. While digital advancements have undeniably brought immense convenience and connectivity, they have also introduced new challenges to our health and well-being. This calls for a fresh perspective on health that incorporates digital wellness into our everyday regimen. At Global […]

Personalised Wellness for C-Suite Executives at Global Health Clinics

Continuing our series on workplace well-being, Global Health Clinics is proud to offer a specialised approach to wellness tailored specifically for C-suite executives. Understanding the unique pressures and challenges faced at this level of professional responsibility, our clinic provides a comprehensive program to combat fatigue, enhance focus, and ultimately, boost productivity. As we have successfully […]

The Hocatt – It isn’t just a sauna

By GHC Wellbeing Services Now, this is one of our top favourite devices here at the clinic. I just love how first time clients come in for the “space ship” sauna, as I call it, a bit nervous for their first time and then after the 30min see them more relaxed, happy and shining. It’s […]


One of the most attractive aspects of ozone therapy is its wide clinical application. Ozone therapy plays a significant role in the management of diabetes, chronic infections, autoimmune disease, immune disorders, and the infirmities of ageing, pain, and sickle cell anaemia. Topical applications are effective for bacterial and mycotic dermatological infections, both acute and chronic […]

Ozone Healing Gel Has Many Common Uses

Ozone Healing Gel sometimes known as the “Everything Gel”, is a powerful, safe, 100% natural alternative to addressing a wide variety of skin ailments and sore throats including:  acne, asthma, beauty aid, bed sores, bee stings, blisters, boils, burns, chilblains, candida, cold sores, cuts, nappy rash, dry skin, eczema, ear infections, fistulae, fungal growths & infections, gingivitis, hair loss, haemorrhoids, herpes simplex, infections, insect bites, […]