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The Hocatt – It isn’t just a sauna

By GHC Wellbeing Services

Now, this is one of our top favourite devices here at the clinic. I just love how first time clients come in for the “space ship” sauna, as I call it, a bit nervous for their first time and then after the 30min see them more relaxed, happy and shining. It’s wonderful to see the transformation. New things can be a bit scary, but giving it a go and getting used to it, is amazing!

What is a Hocatt?

It stands for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology”. This might not mean much to you so let me explain.

The Hocatt is an ozone carbonic acid steam sauna for one person with six different systems running at once. It’s a thirty-minute session that gives your body some extra wellbeing benefits.

It looks like a fancy space capsule with your head poking out of the top. When you open the doors, inside is an adjustable seat with a towel on it and two plates at the bottom to rest your feet on. It’s nice, warm, and steamy when stepping in. It’s a private sauna so you go in without clothing on since you will be sweating.


A reason why many clients like the sauna is you can adjust the temperature to a comfortable heat that is suitable for you. Some like it low and others love that extra heat, it is individual but we do keep a limit for safety reasons. The heat goes in waves so it varies a few degrees above and below the set temperature. This makes it endurable for the client to stay for a full session. The heat is important because it activates over 3000 essential enzymes, which break down your foods and improve your nutrient absorption and also your white blood cells increase, which is immune enhancement. Also, pathogens or harmful cells die at a lower temperature than healthy cells, which is why the body uses a fever to kill pathogens.

In this heat, we sweat out a lot of toxins, which the body has previously had difficulty dealing with. These toxins build up over the years and can cause many problems like fatigue, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure, nausea, ulcers, skin conditions, coughs etc


Once you get in, you receive a comfortable towel for neck support and we put a little oxygen headset in front of your nasal/mouth region for extra oxygen. If the client wants an extra cooling down we turn on a fan to cool off their face during the session. But if you don’t like fans, no worries, it’s optional.

Micro currents wellbeing programs

You also receive two rods to hold on to called Rife rods, which give microcurrent therapy. Through this system, we have a wide range of health programs you can choose from. Every program is unique which makes it easier to target the settings for the client’s needs e.g. Adrenal fatigue, joint pain, detoxification etc. You can only choose one setting per session and they all feel different. Some are tingly, pulsating or even a subtle humming sensation, they all vary. The amount of sensation is adjustable, some clients love a proper buzz and others prefer to barely feel it. Most of my clients like it low for starters and build up eventually with time. My favourite program is the Healing and regeneration one, for a good “pick me up” if I’m feeling low in energy. The most popular ones are the Adrenal Stimuli setting or the Immunity one. In total there are up to 135 different settings.


The sauna even has an Infrared system that helps open up the pores during the session. This also helps the client to detoxify naturally by sweating a lot. Sometimes clients can see toxic residue as little dark spots on the towel they sat on. It is therefore advised to drink plenty of water before and after the session to avoid dehydration.


Once all the settings are sorted and the program starts, then the ozone gets infused, surrounding your body’s largest organ, the skin. Ozone gets absorbed into the pores to our body. The ozone takes care of eliminating any harmful microorganisms or pathogens in the body.

When the ozone is done with the elimination process you are left with activated oxygen all over your skin. Even the toxins that have come out with the sweat all get neutralized by the ozone, so we recommend to air dry after the session, in front of the fan for best absorption of the ozone and benefits.

Photon lights

There is also a photon light system in the machine, which helps increase blood flow and circulation. Photons break any painful inflammatory cycle by dilating small blood and lymphatic vessels. This increase in circulation can result in accelerated healing and pain relief.


A large range of my clients feels relaxed during and after their session. I have heard some refer to these 30minutes as “their own time” during the day, which is essential for our wellbeing. When clients feel a little under-par or rundown they come for an immune program. Others have benefited from it for detoxing, for weight management (it burns up to 600calories in a session), increasing energy levels, reducing muscle tension, anti-ageing purposes, skin issues, and chronic health problems. Even our clients with cancer have experienced improvements alongside their other treatments. It’s extremely versatile.

The most obvious benefits I see in my clients are their skin! The colour in their face is more even due to circulation improvements, they are more relaxed, they usually have a glow and smile on their face.

For further information about the benefits of ozone and oxygen take a look at our previous blogs.

By GHC Wellbeing Services

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