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How to Stay Mobile in Later Life

Written By: Admin

We all want to age gracefully, and the idea of becoming immobile and stuck in a chair in later years is not an appealing prospect! So what can we do to prevent this? Read on for some helpful tips.

  1. ‘If you don’t move, you won’t move!’

Consider the two images above. Ask yourself which appeals to you most as a future prospect? What do you want to be like as an older person? Visualising your own future is a powerful tool which can motivate you to start taking steps and getting active.

  1. Make time for daily stretching.

Stretching is a simple and very effective way to keep your joints in good condition. Just a few minutes each morning and night will have huge benefits for your range of movement in the future. It is also a good idea to stretch throughout your day – think like a cat! –  and after any form of exercise.

  1. Consider your physical activity at work.

Human beings are designed to move, not to be static and sitting at a desk all day!  Inactivity is a killer, just like smoking. If you have an office job, a standing desk or treadmill is a great option.  Your boss may or may not fund you for this supposed ‘luxury’, but go back to the pictures above and ask yourself if investing in your health is worth it for your future quality of life.