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Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

An excellent oxygen boost for your health

By, GHC Wellbeing Services

First time I heard about the hyperbaric oxygen chamber I associated it to be a super flash, expensive treatment that only wounded athletes used for sport recovery. It wasn’t until I got more familiar with it, I started to see and learn more about the various range of health benefits it actually can provide! 

So what is the Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? How does it work?

It’s a non-invasive, gentle method of providing oxygen to the cells under a mild pressure. 

There are different models, the one we have at the clinic is a soft shell chamber with a comfortable bed inside. It’s an inflatable device. 

When you are inside the chamber you receive an oxygen headset around your head and the shell gets zipped up. When ready for “take off”, the deflated machine starts filling up the shell like a balloon with pure oxygen. During this time you can feel pressure in your ears, equivalent to when an airplane is ascending. This only takes a few minutes and once it’s full the pressure stabilises and it’s time to just relax. The treatment varies between 60-90 minutes. On some occasions up to 2 hours!

Only 30 minutes of oxygen starts activating the brain cells. After 60 minutes the oxygen reaches down to the muscular and nerve tissue.  A 2 hour session benefits all the way into the bone level. Time will fly in there. Most clients have a good sleep or just feel really relaxed.

An amount of oxygen like this can :

I have seen it benefit so many clients with a range of different health issues. For more information about the benefits of the Hbot check our website at

If you are keen and want to give it a go, come and visit us in Global Health Clinics, one of Auckland’s top Oxygen Therapy Clinics.

By GHC Wellbeing Serivices

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