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Multiple Brain Integration Technique (mBIT)

Are you:

  • Feeling stuck in a rut.
  • Find it difficult to make good decisions.
  • Have an internal conflict; your head says one thing and your heart another and your gut something else again.
  • Feel lost and that life is meaningless.

Advanced neuroscience has proved that the Head, Heart and Gut are all brains/intelligence’s and to create success in our lives all three brains need to be cooperating and working together. This is especially important because all three brains have different functions and competencies.

Three one hour sessions in this modality will have you becoming aligned with yourself and moving forward towards your success.

Vivienne will teach you skills to manage your stress and stay balanced as part of this alignment. She will also use the Heartmath biofeedback

Technology so you can monitor your progress.

Special: 3 sessions normally $360 now $300 booked and paid in advance.

Vivienne Berry is a Master Trainer of mBIT, one of six in the world. She has been at the forefront of this new modality. It is powerful, gentle and transformative.


I first saw Vivienne Berry to help me in some issues of aligning with myself. At first I was a bit skeptical about the outcome and to my amazement I was very delighted about the results. Vivienne’s skills and caring personality made the whole processes very easy and I would would have no doubt in recommending Vivienne to anyone wishing to improve ones self. – Stefan, June 2017