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The Pineal Gland-The Third Eye

 By GHC Wellbeing Services

What is the pineal gland?

The Pineal gland (corpus pineale) is a tiny pea-sized, pine cone-shaped gland in the middle of our skull, just behind the thalamus gland. It is so deep into the skull it has no direct access to light. This tiny gland is more important than we think; yet we still don’t know its complete potential even though we have studies dating thousands of years back.

What does it do?

What we do know is that it regulates our hormones, especially female hormones and our circadian rhythm. In general, it’s key for producing Melatonin. I have mentioned melatonin before; it is the hormone that helps us sleep. Without it, we have insomnia and other sleep issues. The hormone releases when we are in darkness e.g. when the sun is down you might start yawning even though it’s only 6 PM. Melatonin is at its peak level by midnight and after that, it slowly decreases. That’s why it’s good to go to bed before then! I recommend the latest by 10 PM to get that “beauty sleep” in to recover the overloaded brain.

Melatonin is created from an amino acid (protein) called Tryptophan. It also is a part of creating serotonin. Tryptophan is available through diet or supplementation if you are deficient.

The pineal gland regulates the female hormones. It has an effect on our menstrual cycle and our fertility. This does have me questioning: Is our pineal gland disrupted from years of taking the contraceptive pills and hormones or are there other factor disrupting the pineal gland that then causes female hormone issues? Is it the chicken or the egg?

If your menstrual cycle or fertility are not functioning properly and your struggle with these factors you might want to focus on seeing a professional for rebalancing your hormones & pineal gland through a balanced diet but also Light treatment which I will mention later.

The Pineal gland in combination with our hypothalamus gland affects our libido, it controls our thirst and hunger in the body and our ageing process, the biological clock.

The pineal gland protects against cardiovascular issues such as hypertension or atherosclerosis. A lower pineal gland volume has proven to increase the risk of mood disorders or schizophrenia. An impaired pineal gland had shown cellular damage and higher cancer risk. So it is definitely important to have a healthy pineal gland don’t you think?

The pineal gland on a much deeper level

The pineal gland is an Information input device. So taking into consideration the pineal gland doesn’t have direct access to light how does it read the information? Well here is the interesting part.

According to Dr Bruce Lipton, the Pineal gland is part of an information processing system, The Third Ventricle of the Brain. The pineal gland being the master INPUT device has multiple tiny crystals in it that are like little antennas. They have been there before fluoride ever was discovered. They pick up and analyze the signals from the electromagnetic field (energy field) around us, exactly how our first radio functioned, the crystal radio set. The pineal gland sends these signals through the spinal fluid, to the thalamus and hypothalamus where the information gets processed by our external and internal experiences. Once the information is altered it gets sent to our Pituitary Gland, The master OUTPUT motor, or “the Cave of Brahma “ as they called it in Yogi history.

The pituitary gland organizes and coordinates the information out to the body to function in a certain way. For example, when you close your eyes and visualize a triangle in front of you, and see one without actually physically looking. We are accessing the information we can’t see. It’s like a film in our mind, a Vision, an eye, which is an end result, started from the pineal gland to the pituitary gland. This is what happens during meditations for example.

This information has been studied multiple thousands of years ago within the Yogi history and science, written in Sanskrit. It is referred to as “the third eye”, which is the 6th chakra placed above the eyes, where the pineal gland sits. It is the “primary input that controls the character of our lives”, Bruce Lipton says. It represents intuition and both ancient wisdom and modern science suggest, “The Pineal gland is the interface between our personalized energy fields (sprits) & our physical, virtual reality suits, the human body.”

For further understanding check our Dr Bruce Lipton’s Vlog

Is it important to have an open third eye?

In Hinduism, they believed a blocked 6th chakra lead to

  • Uncertainty,
  • Confusion,
  • Jealousy,
  • Cynicism, and
  • Pessimism.

It is said by not using your pineal gland or eating fluoride & calcium-rich foods or having too many toxins (additives, sugars, artificial sweeteners) in the body it doesn’t function at its optimum. Radiation from EMF’s and cellphone have negative effects as well. The previous factors can “calcify” the pineal gland. A hard shell builds up around it, stopping it from functioning properly.

This enhances the ego to close off the connection to your spiritual connection, turn down your consciousness, your soul and have you functioning on a lower level of life.

It basically decreases our access to our higher potential.

How to activate the pineal gland

By practising to open our third eye we can enhance our clarity, intuition, empathy, focus and decisiveness. This will also help balance our hormones and regulate our sleep patterns and so much more. It even can activate DMT, (a natural hallucinogen capable of producing extraordinary visions and mystical states of consciousness), Spiritual experiences and conscious awareness.

Ways to decalcify it is through meditation, low fluoride consumption, sun gazing (sunrise or set), dancing, chanting or Qigong.

At our clinic based in Takapuna, Auckland, we activate our client’s Pineal gland with a device called the Ajna-Lights. The lights use flickering light patterns, binaural beats and isochronic tones in its programs to activate different brainwaves; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Schumann frequencies. Together they activate the pineal gland. It has shown to aid sleep issues, accesses clarity, focus, peace, relaxation, meditative states and much more. Have a read in my previous blog for more information.

The best thing is it’s not expensive and gives you quick access to brain activation and therapeutic benefits.

By GHC Wellbeing Services

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