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Harker Herbals | Stress Tonic | 500 ml


Stress Tonic

Harker Herbals Stress Tonic is a calming tonic to soothe the nervous system and support healthy responses to stress. The combination of valerian, prickly ash and vervain in a blend of restorative plant-based ingredients, may also help with muscle tension and relaxation. This is a great support for those experiencing stress or feeling the pressure and demands of a busy daily life.

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Stress Tonic is a simple though highly specialised and effective formulation. The elixir provides a gentle support for healthy nervous system function. It contains nervine specific herbs and soothing nervous system nutrients to help restore functions and calm the body. As with all systemic tonics this remedy will perform better when preceded with, or taken along with Intestinal Cleanse.


  • Supports healthy responses to stress
  • Calms the nervous system
  • Supports muscle relaxation
  • Liquid formula for fast absorption
  • Can be taken long term
  • Vegan-friendly


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