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Sleep Halo-EMF Protection Cellphone Charger


Keep your phone on and charged at night while protected from EMF. This a revolutionary new invention from the UK.

We have always said that keeping your cell phone beside your bed and switched on is a no-no. The amount of radiation you are exposured to is more detrimental because you are staying within the Electromagnetic field constantly for several hours. EMF also stops the body from producing Melatonin which we need to sleep. A live cell phone beside the bed will cause insomnia. A good night’s sleep is imperative not least because this is when our bodies heal and repair.

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Some people need to have their phones on at night. We get that.
The SleepHalo is the perfect solution.

How it works

SleepHalo mobile charger is an inductive loop wireless charger encased within a beautifully-designed enclosure that incorporates Electro Magnetic Field protection. The shielding is specifically designed to block the radiation emitted by all mobile phones

The genius of SleepHalo is that it allows the cellphone to continue to operate, whilst controlling the direction of radiation from the device.

Will it work with my phone?

Your phone should have wireless charging capability.


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